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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Controversy as Kimmatt Hotel Uses Lava to Clear Building Site

The Kimmatt Hotel got off to a dramatic, if controversial, start today as Kimball Inc. used lava to clear the building site. We interviewed CEO Kimball on the ethics of using fire to clear forests. Kimball said, 'I thought it would be a quick and safe way to clear these trees away.' When asked about the environmental effects of starting a forest fire Kimball said, 'these trees would be cut down anyway so burning them is not a bad idea. The whole site was cleared in under 10 minutes.'

While the effectiveness of the technique is not in doubt, environmental groups have vowed to stage protests over the burning of earth's precious forests. The Minecraft government issued a statement saying, "this is Kimball's world so he is legally entitled to burn as many trees as he wants. If he filled the world with Lava that would still be within his rights." 

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